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Winner Every Time: Short Film

Believe it or not, the short film "Winner Every Time" was a camera test shot over a couple hours during the National Association of Broadcasters convention. We went out to shoot with the intention of avoiding Las Vegas cliches.

With a little help from P+S Technik and Panasonic, we were able to take both the 18-35mm 1.5x anamorphic zoom lens and the Panasonic Varicam LT out to shoot. Showcasing both of these new pieces of gear was an important element in our story.


We shot with only one light, a small LED lite panel. For the rest of the shoot, we only used ambient light.

Our actor was also our producer for the sole reason he had a car and knew where to go. In the end, we used footage from three different shooters.

The Game - Music Video
Orange Guard in The Sun
Cie in "The Game"
Finley Family
You Knew Me When - Music Video
Touchdown Friday
How Deep - Music Video
Angela picking blueberries
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