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WSMV Image Campaign: Embrace The Day

WSMV was interested in re-branded their morning show as a fun way to wake up in the morning. We were tasked to capture this feeling and show the genuine personalities of our on-air talent. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air in the morning then Channel 4 News Today was to be the one show you could find it in the morning. 


In the end, we made three separate thirty-second promotional spots each increasing in the technical difficulty for camera movement. For the third spot, we shot a fluid master, a single take, and we concieved, wrote, shot, and edit it within twenty-four hours. 

The World A Box - Music Video
Finley Family
Cie - The Game
Obando - Touchdown Friday
Elijah - Short Film
Zach in the Sun
How Deep - Music Video
Smith Family
AM Joggers
Nashville Aerial
Phone in the sun
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