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"The Game": Music Video

Long time friends and music duo You Knew Me When turned to me to lens their latest music video. Shot over the course of a couple days we took our time to find the best visuals to tell their love story. This music video was also a camera review video of the Blackmagic URSA for


This was DIY all the way with my only crew member being my then fiancee, now wife, who is a stills photographer. I only had her help for one day. The rest of the visuals we made up along the way with a general story outline as our guide

Elijah in Las Vegas
Finley Family
Zach in the Sun
Melanie and Carley
Hillwood Helmet
Nashville at Sunset
WSMV 1950
VFX - Downtown House
Orange Guard in The Sun
Angela picking berries
How Deep - Music Video
Cie and Karissa
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