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WSMV Music Image Campaign: This Is Home

WSMV was given the opportunity to create a series of music image promotional spots highlighting their on-air anchors with music provided by Warner-Chapel/615 Music. WSMV was allowed to use the music for free if Warner-Chapel/615 Music could use the image spots to sell their music in other markets. 

Our goal on this project was to humanize and personalize the anchors of WSMV. In other words, help them feel more likable and down to earth. So we decided to get the anchors out of the studio. One of the more difficult shots to execute was the kitchen scene. To allow everyone the freedom of movement we decided to bounce three 1200 HMIs off reflectors placed outside the windows. This produced a naturalistic light and gave life to the kitchen scene.

The Game Music Video
Winner Every Time - Short Film
Home VFX
Reflection in the Rain
Touchdown Friday
Zach in the Sun
How Deep - Music Video
WSMV - I Work 4 You
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